Spatial graphics

Special advertising is one of the most significant promotional message carriers. It is characterized with a high level of audience measurements, what improves the company’s image and the offered products. We strive to render our realizations extraordinary when compared to standard solutions in marketing communication and visual advertisement. Regarding individual needs of our clients, we offer letters from PCV, plexiglass and styrodur©.
The spatial elements, prepared on a 3D thermal plotter, are applied in architecture as:

  • Finishing elements,
  • Cornices,
  • Plinths,
  • Columns,
  • Decorative elements.

In order to improve strength and resistance of the spatial elements, the letters are sprayed with special structural mass composed of quartz and a polymer, resembling granite with its structure.
Regarding complexity of our assortment and a wide array of solutions, all offer inquiries are considered individually. Do not hesitate to submit your inquiry to the following address: