Screen printing

We apply the screen printing method for personalization of T-shirts. It consists in the so-called template painting, i.e. covering material with paint via a template, commonly called a screen. Currently, the screen printing method is relatively inexpensive. It may be applied to print on various surfaces, such as e.g. paper, foil, plastic, ceramics, fabrics, wood.

Advantages of screen printing:

  1. Resistance - the technique resistant to weather and mechanical factors,
  2. Broad application - a possibility to print on majority of surfaces,
  3. Intensity of colors - screen paint is characterized with full or partial coverage, thanks to which maximally intensive colors may be obtained,
  4. Diversity of paints - high diversity of paints, unavailable for offset printing (metallic, brocade, fluorescent, glowing and many others).

Apart from the possibility of screen printing, we own a furnace for ceramics. Our ceramic products will meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The advertising ceramics is a recognized and effective manner of promotion. Prints on ceramic and glass are carried out with a ceramic and glass tracing method. Afterwards, the prints are solidified in specialist furnaces, under very high temperatures, thanks to which they become durable and resistance to mechanical damages.

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